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Pedestrian Accident Compensation

Pedestrians are often involved in accidents on the road, due to the amount of traffic in cities and towns today. Pavement accidents can also occur when cyclists may not be concentrating on pedestrians walking nearby.
If you are unfortunate enough to have been involved in a pedestrian accident and have sustained a personal injury of any sort, you may well be entitled to claim for compensation.
We all have a duty of care and of self awareness, and we should all consider if we are taking enough due caution before entering a road. This applies to all road users. Drivers of vehicles should have the same level of care and attention when travelling along a road.
As a pedestrian, if a bicycle travelling along the pavement or on the road collides with you, you should be able to claim against the rider for failing to have a duty of care on the cycle.
Statistics show that a darting child across a road is a common form of pedestrian accident, from parked cars. Children are also struck as they alight from buses and do not look before they cross. A Parent in pursuit is another common cause of pedestrian accident.
Ignoring traffic controls or jaywalking means that you are not taking due care or paying attention to the road, so you need to be aware of approaching cars, traffic lights and instructions to cross.
Contact us if you think that you might be able to claim for compensation due to a pedestrian accident that was someone else's fault.
Our friendly team will offer you guidance and help and our panel of specialist solicitors will be able to give you advice on your case. They will assess it on its own merits, as each claim is different. Once we have found the right solicitor for you, they will do everything they can to secure a positive outcome for your claim.
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