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Cyclist Accident Compensation

Cyclist accidents are a common occurrence on our busy roads today, due to the vulnerability of cyclists and of cars and other vehicles not paying them due attention. This may be because the cyclist is not as visible as they should be, but it also may be because of genuine negligence on the part of the third party involved.

If you have been involved in a cyclist accident and you have sustained a personal injury, you may be able to claim for compensation.

Any cyclist can be involved in an extremely serious accident, due to the cyclist being exposed and increasingly vulnerable on the road.

All road users have a 'DUTY OF CARE' to other road users. Cyclists should take care to be safe and as visible as possible on the road and to wear a cycle helmet at all times. You should ideally have working front and rear lights on your bicycle and should wear reflective and bright clothing to ensure you remain as visible as possible at all times. Sticking to the cycle lanes where available, maximises your road safety.

If you unfortunately sustain a personal injury in a cycling accident, you need to take the following steps immediately:

  •  If another vehicle is involved, write down the vehicle registration number while it is still at the scene.
  •  Try to obtain any other third party information such as insurance details.
  •  Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses at the scene, as this will help greatly when your solicitor gathers evidence of third party negligence for your case.
  •  Make sure the police are informed, particularly if an injury has been sustained.
  •  Consider if an ambulance is needed.

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