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No-win No-Fee Accident Compensation Solicitors

Our aim is to provide our customers with valuable legal services to assist them in their personal injury claims. Our service is open to all UK citizens and also to non UK citizens who live and work in the UK.

The Access to Justice Law means that the public can expect to understand and fully exercise their rights in the UK and be supported in legal claims and we endeavour to make sure we do just this through the service we offer in personal injury claims.

If you are considering making a claim for a personal injury which you have sustained through, you believe, no fault of your own, contact us today to receive the best possible advice about your case. Our panel of solicitors specialize in personal injury and are experts in their field. They will consider each case individually, based on its own merits.

The limitation for a personal injury claim is, in most cases, three years from the date of the accident.

Liability is the first consideration in a claim of this type. Your solicitor will focus on the evidence that illustrates that the fault of your accident lies at the hands of the defendant, whether this be your employer or driver of a vehicle, shop owner, local council or other.

Once the overall evidence of the case has been gathered, the next step your solicitor will take is to assess the quantum of your personal injury claim. This means the amount of compensation you should expect to receive.

With our panel of expert solicitors ready to assist you, we believe that you have a very reasonable chance of success. Our service to you covers a range of legal issues, from valuable legal advice, accident advice, to help and guidance throughout your claim.

We operate a NO WIN, NO FEE* policy which will give you peace of mind and the confidence to contact us for advice about your accident.

We believe that each claim is unique and is therefore assessed individually. Whether you have been involved in a road traffic accident, have fallen in a public place, or had an accident at work, you may well be entitled to claim compensation.

Contact us today about your accident and we are confident that you will find our service helpful and rewarding.

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*Other costs could be payable